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Born 6.11.2002

mother   father
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JCh. CZ, Ch. SK   Interchampion, Ch. Francie, Ch. Lux.
FAIRYWOOD'S YVANA, born 25.04.2000   POWER CHOCOLATE, born 16.02.1999 France
HD A, eyes neg., full-set of teeth, test of natural character - I.class, imp.from the Netherlands   HD A, OCD 0, eyes neg., full-set of teeth, Trialer France



name owner    
male Armani Chaseland´s Darina a Richard Signeski full dent.  
male Ashley Chaseland´s Iva Vítková HD C, ED 0/0 3x CAJC, 2x CAC, res.CACIB
male Almighty Chaseland´s Ivana a Martin Kovaříkovi full dent.  
female Ch. Anne Lulu Chaseland´s Radka a Jiří Ulmannovi HD B, ED 0/0, full dent. Ch.CZ, SK, PL
female Anne Catharina Chaseland´s Iva Vítková HD A, ED 0/0 CAJC, CAC, CACIB
female Anne Amy Chaseland´s Radka a Jiří Ulmannovi HD B/C, ED 0/0, full dent.  
female Anne Magie Chaseland´s Denisa Velebová HD A/B, full dent. Excellent
female Anne Sacha Chaseland´s MUDr. Petr Dvořák full dent.  
female Anne Rachelle Chaseland´s Jakub a Robert Kempka, PL full dent.  
female Anne Amelie Chaseland´s Pavel Lhoták HD A2/B2 CAC, Spec.Show Winner
Interchampion, Ch. Francie, Ch. Lux.
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CH.Lux.Bradhams Make Me A Star for Oulsmi
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ShCh. Kupros Master Mariner
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Bradhams Hot Choise for Oulsmi
Jewel of Chocolate
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Donalbain Mcduff
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Gipsy du Taillis Madame
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JCh. CZ, Ch. SK

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Jch, Ch. Fairywood´s Napoleon

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Jch. Ch.Belle Armani of the Music Forest
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Buttacre Antonia´s Award
Fairywood´s Kiki

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Ch. Naiken Eduardo Esquire
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Int. Ch.,Ch.Fairywood´s Blue Bell
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